In this online form you can do 4 things:

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  • book a motorbike/bicycle

  • ask us a question

  • or any combination of the above

Only your name and email address are required fields. Use the other fields as needed. If you just have a general question just use the message field in the lower part (and ignore the "rooms/pickup/rental"). Don't hesitate to ask us.

Please keep in mind that - due to the possible difference time zones and certain peaks in our business activities - the response time to your email may take up to 24 hours. But we try to be faster.

All room bookings need to be paid cash on arrival.
We accept no credit cards! Sorry. 😉



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If you are unable to reach us with the email form on the right. 
You can write us directly: 

Your mobile number may be of use if you book an airport pickup and we have to get in contact with you.
Please select what kind of room you prefer. Prices apply "per night"
ADDITIONAL BEDS (for children)
If you have children please tell us in advance and we can accomodate you with additional beds.
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DATE OF ARRIVAL (month/day/year)
due to technical reasons please type in the MONTH FIRST
Please enter your flight number if you want to book an airport pick up.
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DATE OF DEPARTURE (month/day/year)
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Please choose if you want to book a one-way airport pick up OR if you like to be transported back to the airport at the end of your stay (return).
In this area you can book a motorbike or bicycle.
If you have any remarks or questions please don't hesitate to ask us - even if you don't want to make a booking at this moment.